Upcoming Releases

We have some tasty releases coming up!

1/18 New Draft release

– Nitro Picture Day IPA #2 “Hall Pass”

1/25 New Draft release

– SIPA “Lit”

1/26 Can and Draft Release

Epic lineup in store!

– Taproom Series IPA #7 “SiMiCo”
– Picture Day IPA #2 “Hall Pass”
– SIPA “Lit”

***Teku members can purchase releases 1 day in advance of general public release***

See Our Upcoming February Releases

2/1 New Draft release

Passion In the Glasses (Passion Fruit Wheat Beer)

2/2 New Can and Draft Release

– Passion in the Glasses

– Totes McGotes OIPA (Oat IPA first released at Extreme Beer Fest in Boston, MA on 2/1 and 2/2/19)

***Teku members can purchase releases 1 day in advance of general public release***

2/2 Special Extreme Beer Fest Draft release, very limited kegs

Couldn’t make it to Boston to try our crazy new beers? You can get a taste of what we brought to Beantown!

– Whiney Whole Lotta Trouble: Whole Lotta Trouble aged in Saratoga Winery Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc barrel

– Drunken Chocolate Brown: Our Chocolate Brown aged with Vanilla Beans in an Albany Distilling Co Apple Brandy barrel.

– Savage Warhead oh Yeeeeahhh: Our Savage SIPA aged in Saratoga Winery Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc barrel; secondary fermented with Extreme Black Cherry Warheads

– Totes McGotes: Oat IPA featuring Michigan Copper hops, secondary fermented with Mango and Lulo puree

***$3 per 2oz sample, or $12 for a flight of four 2oz samplers, sorry, no pints or growler fills. We want to give everyone a chance to taste these exceptional brews***

Eat-in, get 2 for 1 Beers

How It Works

Zoning rules won’t allow us to prepare food, so patrons who bring their own food (or order takeout) and eat their meal at the brewery get 2 beers for the price of 1.

The Deets:

1) You must print out and present this coupon to the bartender. Screenshots on your phone are NOT accepted.
2) We don’t have wait staff, so please clean up your mess at the end of your meal.
3) If you forget napkins or cutlery, we can help you out with that!

– 1 coupon per person
– Each person (in a group) must have their own printed coupon.
– One coupon per business day.
– Not eligible to be combined with any other discounts (ie. happy hour pricing, etc)
– Not eligible for guests that are part of a hosted, catered party in taproom.

Smile, It’s Picture Day!

Introducing Artisanal’s new rotating single IPA series:

Picture Day IPA!

Every month the brewers will release a new Picture Day IPA with different grains, hops, yeast, or water chemistry.

In our quest for premium Craft Beer, we like to experiment, learn, and make super tasty small batch craft beer.

Picture Day IPA will also have a rotating label with each release.

At the brewery we’ll have a selfie station (in the background of the picture above) where you can take a picture with the current month’s background.

Since many of the brew staff are children of the 80’s and 90’s, the laser background is our first of many changing labels!

Available only at the brewery in 16 oz / 4 packs, 6.3% ABV.

Offering craft beers sure to please a variety of tastes

Over 14 beers on draft or in cans!
  • Hazy New England style Double IPAs
  • IPAs without haze
  • Sours
  • Fruited wheat beers
  • Award winning Belgian style beers
  • Session Style Beers (pale ales, brown ale, oatmeal stout, and other seasonal ales).

Give us a try!

beer in cans

Artisanal e-Gift Cards

The perfect gift for the beer lover in your life.

A great idea for family, friends, co-workers, acquaintances, mail-person, even your child’s favorite teacher!

Any denomination possible (between $10-$250)
Send via email (please tell your recipient to check their SPAM folder)

Gold Medal Winner: Whole Lotta Trouble

Artisanal Brew Works’ Whole Lotta Trouble Belgian Quad won the Gold medal at the 2018 TAP New York Craft Beer & Food Festival in the Belgian Ales category. It was already a winner in our eyes, but we always appreciate the love.

Stop by and enjoy our award winning Belgian Ale today!

And while you are here, try our stouts, pale ales, and other fine ales.

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About Alice

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Alice’s Gigs

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