Hi all. Opening up a brewery has been a very crazy, time consuming process for us all (owners, wives, family and friends). For all the countless people who have helped us getting started, we thank you from the bottom of our heart! I hope our posts help provide a “behind the scenes” look at our brewery. Here is today’s “what’s going on”

We’re quickly gearing up our kegging operation. Our plan is to start self-distributing in the few weeks, we’re working on labeling (actually more like plastic tags) that go on our kegs. TTB (federal government) are the ones we’re waiting on, and waiting, and waiting. Once we have the labeling, we’re going start distributing to local, and some not-so-local restaurants and pubs.

We have all the parts we need to fill kegs, but we also need to be able to wash the kegs. We tried out Common Roots manual keg washer this week (thanks Christian), there were some nice features, but many features we want to modify. We’re designing a custom 6 keg, semi-automatic keg washer. We’re going to use our clean-in-place (CIP) cart, and good ‘ol fashioned German engineering to come up with a cost effective solution. We have our ideas on paper, now it’s on to building a prototype.

To help spread the word of our brewery, we’re working on lots of marketing initiatives. From website modifications (which many say is a really great site, I concur), making a brochure, beer trail map, advertising on EQX, keeping Saratoga.com activities up to date…wow, this stuff takes serious amounts of time (I didn’t expect this).

Tied into marketing, we’re also putting on the finishing touches on our August activities…trying to line up a food truck for this weekend, putting finishing touches on our dog show, and getting some lawn games (corn hole, etc…) so people can enjoy the great outdoors on our beautiful lawn.

Brew day is likely Monday. We’ll be brewing a wet hopped IPA. “Wet” hops are freshly picked, right off the “bine” as they say in the hops world. The hops come 5 miles up the road from us, Kelsey’s Quarter Acre Farm. We’re going to head over there Sunday morning to help pick hops, can’t wait!

That’s all for now,