Today at 3 PM we release a new IPA, and just like we did in the past, we’re putting the naming process up to a vote. Take a look at the list below, roughly categorized, then comment on your favorite. The winner gets a growler, and a growler fill of our new IPA! If you need some background on the beer before voting, I put some more info at the bottom of the post.

— French names (tie in to Derailleur name) —

  • Depeche IPA
  • Peche Houblon, (French for hop peach)
  • Brers in IPA Minor (A take on the song from Allman Brothers album “Eat A Peach”)
  • Derailleur – Peach Hanger (since this is a Derailleur offshoot)

— Names with geographical references —

  • Geyser Lake IPA
  • Saratoga Georgia Line IPA!
  • Southern belle
  • Peachtree Street
  • Southern Smile (a nod to the Southern Cross hops and southern grown Georgia peach)

— Punny names —

  • War and Peach (because who doesn’t love a good pun)
  • SPeachless in Saratoga
  • Simply SPeachless (as in OMG the taste of this Artisanal creation has left me without words to describe it)
  • IPeachA
  • Saratoga I-Peach-A
  • Freedom of Peach IPA
  • Impeachment
  • Just Peachy IPA
  • Cross Eyed
  • Ain’t she a peach
  • Peach fuzz
  • Pit of Despair IPA

— Other names —

  • Bearded Bastard IPA
  • Perfect Peach IPA

— Background info on this beer —

This beer is part of our “Full Disclosure” line of beers. In these tumultuous times where our leaders try and hide key information from us, we decided perhaps we can lead by example and disclose some of the secrets to the juicy, hazy, wonderful IPAs that are being made in the Northeast.

IPAs were traditionally made with standard ingredients, hops, barley, water, and yeast. In recent years, some brewers have been adding fruit purees to the IPAs…not in an effort to make a fruity IPA though. What the puree does, when added in the proper quantities, is cut some of the harshness of bittering hops, add a super pleasant body, and impart a really cool, hazy looking beer. The flavor and nose of the puree, complimented with dry hopping techniques after the yeast has fermented out the puree sugars, yields an elixir that makes a fantastic IPA with multiple levels of flavors and aromas.

The IPA we’re releasing today uses our ever popular Derailleur IPA as a base, only before carbed the beer, we took 5 bbls of the Derailleur and put it in a fermentor with peach puree. After 5 days of additional fermenting, we “dry hopped” with NYS grown Southern Cross hops. (dry hopping is kinda like putting a big tea bag in the fermentor, only we’re using hop pellets, not tea) There it is. Full Disclosure 🙂

Stop by for a taste. This is our first large batch attempt, we feel it’s a really great beer, but I’m certain that we’ll be making improvements to our techniques as we dial in our “Full Disclosure” IPAs. We hope you enjoy being part of our journey to make exceptional, small batch beers!
We will, however, not release our tax returns to the public