beer can label questionCast your vote – Green or Black logo? Comment with your color preference.

Detailed info, just in case you’re wondering:

We’re using the white space of the label so we’ll standout when we’re on a shelf with lots of other cans. The green makes it obvious it’s a hop beard (which are itchy from what I hear), the black ties into the logo on our glassware and current shirts.

We are going to can 3 different IPAs (#DailyDoubleIPA, #DerailleurIPA, and #BelgiansOnTheBeachIPA) on July 20th. Tentatively, we’re thinking we’ll release Belgians on the Beach on the 21st (we’re gonna have a lobster bake that night, so it ties in well with that theme), Derailleur on the 22nd, and Daily Double on the 23rd.

BTW, we’re not canning our upcoming, newest #TrifectaIPA, but it will be on tap for our anniversary party weekend. One nugget of interesting info…we’re gonna use #Galaxy hops. Expensive and hard to source, but we think it will be worth it! We’re gonna run our upcoming IPA on our pilot system next week, keep an eye out for a QC team post. I’ll invite a group of people in to taste test, and give us feedback.