Product development taste testing starts at Noon sharp, Musical Bingo starts at 2 PM, and good NYS craft beer all day!

Btw, Air Conditioned comfort if you don’t want to play #lawngames in the blazing 91 degree sun!

Also, did I mention we have one keg of Pouka Red left? $3 drafts, $8 growler fills till it’s gone!

Why $3 you might ask. Well, in a few weeks we’re gonna roll out our next IPA, the “Trifecta IPA” 3 grains, and 3 hops, triple IPA. Shooting for 8.5 to 9% ABV. Just like our #DailyDoubleIPA, it will be made with flaked oats, a very special water chemistry to yield haziness, and double dry hopped for massive aroma. If you haven’t tried the Daily Double yet, I think most hop heads have been quite pleased with our latest addition to our IPA portfolio.