Welcome to the relaunch of the Artisanal Brew Works Mug Club, formerly known as the Teku Society!

The Mug Club is a year-long membership for ABW fans which gives members beer specials and discounts all year, and other perks such as a private yearly members-only event, your very own 21 oz mug to bring home, and a custom designed t-shirt by local artist, Violet Rose!

Members will be served beers in the Mug Club Member 21 oz glass shown in the picture, and you will receive $1 OFF all pours, plus an extra 3oz of beer**, except on your birthday, when you get a FREE Birthday Beer!

Membership is limited to 100 people and is valid for 1 year.

**Please see our FAQ below for more details


Sign me up to become a Mug Club Member!

You are able to sign up for our Mug Club by talking to one of our friendly bar staff in the taproom. We will only need a few pieces of information, which should only take 2-3 minutes.

Or, to purchase a membership for yourself or as a gift, click HERE!


The Perks

of joining the Mug Club

  • Receive $1 OFF all pours every time you visit
  • Receive an extra 3oz pour of our more expensive beers (see the FAQs below for more info)
  • A FREE Birthday Beer during your birthday week
  • 50% OFF one (1) piece of apparel on your birthday
  • Use of ABW 21oz Member Mugs in the taproom (excluding > 9% ABV brews)
  • 20% OFF cans to go
  • 20% OFF growler fills
  • 15% OFF apparel and merchandise
  • One ABW Mug Club Member T-shirt to bring home
  • One ABW Mug Club Member Mug to bring home
  • Annual Mug Club Member Celebration at the ABW taproom +1 Guest

Mug Club FAQs



When does the membership start?

It is rolling admission, so your membership is good for 12 months from the end of the month that you register.

Will my mug be kept at the Taproom or will I bring it home with me?

You will receive a complimentary members-only mug to bring home with you. When you visit the taproom we will have members-only mugs available for use so that you do not have to bring your own mug on each visit.

Do memeber get 3 ounces of extra beer for every beer style you make?

No. Let us explain.

Our more expensive beers are typically 13 oz pours, members will be served 16 oz pours as a perk.

Our less expensive beer pours are already 17 oz, the mugs are 21 oz, 3 ounces of which are room for the head. We looked into getting larger mugs for the less expensive beers, but we couldn’t source a mug for these beers, even if we could get even bigger mugs, we don’t have space for more mugs, logistically it would have been a mess! Sorry about that.

What perks do I receive on my Birthday?

On your birthday, you will receive one (1) complimentary birthday beer of your choice as well as 50% off one (1) piece of apparel.

I was previously a member of the Teku Society, is the mug club replacing this?

Yes, it is. If you are an active member for the Teku Society, you will be rolled into the new mug club membership.

How much does it cost to be a member of the mug club?

The membership will be $100 for the year.

How do I sign up and manage my mug club membership?

We use an app called Indulj. Once you download the app you can pay for your mug club membership, see your perks, promotions, etc. Or, feel free to reach out to us if you need assistance!

Can I cancel my mug club membership?

The mug club membership is non-refundable.

Why aren't high ABV (9% or larger) beers served in a 21 oz mug?

If you haven’t noticed, we sell our beers by the ounce. The super high ABV beers are typiclaly sold in 10 oz sizes. High ABV beers have great aroma, and they deserve being served in a more appropriate glass where you can enjoy the bouquet. We’re also concerned about the “perception” that we are ripping off someone because the glass is mostly empty.

What if a beer is only available in cans. do I get a discount on can pours?

The general idea of the mug club is discounting draft beer purchases when you visit. If you haven’t noticed, once a beer isn’t available on draft, we offer can pours at a discounted rate (usually $5 or $6), the idea is to make room for a new batch of cans and kegs. Since we’ve already discounted the single can pour, and there was much more expense in making the canned beer (vs kegged beer), we aren’t applying any further discounts. Sorry about that, we hope you understand.

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