BB Brown

English Brown

Malt, chocolate, and coffee all day long – a real fresh English ale on this side of the pond.

Derailleur IPA

Our flagship beer.

6% abv

Late hopped IPA balanced with crushable pale malt character. Huge late hop additions lend great hop flavor without off-flavors and unpleasant bitterness. The citrus/grapefruit hop flavors blend with a touch of malt sweetness.


Session Pale Ale

Easy to drink, a few turn into a into a session

Trappists at the Track

Belgian Triple

Malt, hops, and yeast characteristic in perfect balance – this is the beer connoisseur’s session beer.

Whole Lotta Trouble


Belgian Dark

9.9% abv

Belgian Dark Strong Ale with caramel malt tones. Warning! This Belgian strong ale tastes too good to be 9.9% abv. It may cause trouble. Consume with caution…and enjoy!

Belgian Red

Belgian Red

6.0% abv

A touch of Rye in the malt bill pairs great with our house strain of Belgian yeast.

Impeachment IPA

New England Style IPA

6.7% abv

We use our popular Derailleur IPA as a base, but then secondary ferment with peach puree and NYS grown Southern Cross hops. A classic hazy New England style IPA.

Our Seasonal Beers

Belgians on the Beach

belgian single

Belgian-American Single

Rich Belgian malt characteristic with fresh NY hops – the best of new and old world.


Belgian Double

Dark, malty, spicy, and fruity – this is why God made beer.

Better Late Than Never

West Coast IPA

Hops, hops, hops – pure hop joy

1/4 Acre IPA

100% NYS ingredients!

This is a wet hopped “SMASH” beer, meaning single malt and single hop used in this beer. 100 pounds of locally grown centennial hops (sourced from Kelsey’s 1/4 acre farm) were put in the at the end of the boil, making a very flavorful NYS session IPA. 4.7 abv, 70 ibu

A Touch of Spice

Pumpkin Ale

7.2% abv, made with spices and 100 lbs of real pumpkin will be sure to keep you warm and toasty for the upcoming holiday season