The idea behind She’s Tert comes as a reaction to the culture of sexualization that has been prevalent in the craft beer industry for far too long. Recognizing a need for change, we have embarked on a mission to challenge the status quo and promote powerful female imagery. By collaborating with a talented local artist named Violet Rose, we are doing our best to take a stand in favor of an industry narrative that celebrates strength, resilience, and individuality.

Violet Rose’s art embodies the spirit of female empowerment, drawing inspiration from diverse sources such as history, mythology, and contemporary feminism. Her creations showcase strong, confident women who defy societal expectations and challenge traditional notions of femininity.

Through this collaboration and our celebration of strong women, we seek to break free from objectification and foster an inclusive craft beer community. We hope you enjoy this video series, which looks to embrace respectful and empowering representation. We hope to ensure that everyone feels welcome, respected, and celebrated.

Meet Madison, artist of the She’s Tert label, as well as many other labels for ABW.

Meet Maddy Zanetti, co-owner of two shops in Downtown Saratoga Springs, a board member of multiple organizations including, The Saratoga Springs Historical Society, Discover Saratoga, The Saratoga Springs Preservation Foundation, and is a former Downtown Business Association President. She lives in a home built in 1860 with her husband, son, and three rescue dogs.

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