Trail Map

The Eileen Phillips Hiking Trail
Instructions and GPS map of the trail

  1. Turn location/GPS on your phone. You’ll be using GPS (which doesn’t require Wi-Fi) to track your location on Google Maps.
  2. Click on this Google Maps link: Eileen Phillips Trail on Google Maps
  3. You should see your location on the map, you’ll see a blue “dot” with a headlight beam emanating from it, as show on the picture.
  4. Please note: the location is +/- 10 ft or so. The trail is marked intermittently on the trees, however the trail can get covered with snow or leaves, or you may go onto a different trail. There are multiple old logging roads and mountain bike/hiking trails in the woods behind the brewery, you don’t want to accidently go down the wrong trail. Follow the GPS signal and you’ll be fine.
  5. You can start your hike in the back parking lot (the gravel parking area), or you can start from the brewery’s backyard. Either way, follow your GPS location to lead you to the trail head, and to also make sure you don’t get lost.
  6. Enjoy your hike! You’ll head to the overlooks, then walk back on the same exact trail you took to the overlooks.


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