Year Round & Distributed Beer

Daily Double


DDH Double IPA

8.0% ABV

Hazy, super juicy double India Pale Ale abound with flavors of citrus, apricot, melon and tangerines. Double dry hopped (DDH) with Citra, Rakau, and Michigan Copper hops.

BB Brown

BB Brown

English Brown

5.6% ABV

Smooth classic brown ale with a hint of dark chocolate malt flavors. We engineer our water to match London’s water chemistry.

White in the Glasses Wit

White in the Glasses

Belgian WIT

4.6% ABV

Unfiltered, pale and cloudy due to the high level of wheat used in the mash. Lightly spiced with coriander and orange peel, delightfully light yet full flavored.

Daily IPA

Daily IPA

ABV: 6.2%

Smooth Citrus flavors complimented with notes of fresh melon and stone fruit, plus hints of wild blueberries. The brewers adjusted hop techniques, amounts, and the water chemistry to make a single IPA taste as hop saturated, and have a mouthfeel you would expect from a double IPA. Exceptionally smooth and balanced bitterness, without being astringent.

Special Release Stouts

Raspberry Chocolate Lava Cake beer

Raspberry Chocolate Lava Cake

ABV: 12.5%

A pastry stout named after the delectable dessert, the brewers made a “big” stout and aged it over a huge bed of Peruvian Cacao nibs from Primo Botánica (Troy, NY), then secondary fermented with fresh raspberry puree and organic vanilla. The flavors are immense and the body is intentionally heavy, but because it isn’t overly cloying, you won’t fill up after one beer. Contains lactose.

Multiple Infinities

Peanut Butter Infinities

Multiple Infinities Peanut Butter Chocolate Stout

9.0% ABV

Peanut Butter and Chocolate? Yes, please! We took our delicious “Multiple Infinities” Stout and added some peanut buttery goodness for a beer that’s out of this world! Made with ample amounts of Primo Botánica (Troy, NY) Alto Huayabamba Peruvian Cacao Nibs.
9% ABV!

Totes McGoates White Chocolate Cookie Stouts

White Chocolate Mocha beer


12.5% ABV

Whole grain malted and flaked oats, pale ale malts, and lactose yield a great base beer to which we added copious amounts of Primo Botánica hand selected, sustainably grown Cacao nibs. Aged with organic vanilla to bolster the white chocolate flavor and a add super smooth mouth feel. And last but not least, we collaborated with Nomad Coffee & Crepes to add in a blend of Brazilian and Burundi beans that make an amazing flavor!

Seasonal Beer

Rotating Fruited Wit Series

ABV: 4.6%

We use our White in the Glasses ingredients, but instead of putting in spices, we put in fruit puree to make a variety of tasty wheat beers. Blackberry, Peach, Raspberry, Passion Fruit, and soon fruit puree blends are used to create very refreshing, natural fruit flavored wheat beer! What will the brewers do this month?

Click here to see current fruit wit offerings

Touch O Crunch

Touch O’ Crunch

ABV: 7.4%

Touch O’ Crunch is a lightly spiced red ale brewed with all natural nutmeg, clove, and everyone’s favorite cinnamon square cereal. It’s sweet, spicy, and balanced with a malt backbone that offers notes of chocolate. It’s the perfect fall treat to sip on.

Whole Lotta Trouble craft beer

Whole Lotta Trouble

Belgian Quad

ABV: 10.5%

Our Gold Medal winning Belgian Quad with flavors of anise, cinnamon, brown sugar, raisins, figs and black cherries belies its 10.5% abv. Consume with caution…and enjoy!

Taproom Only Selections

Taproom Series IPA


Our rotating Double IPA series (starting in 2019). The brewers use different ingredients and techniques to make tasty DDH DIPAs. Most often hazy New England Style IPA’s, but not always!

Taproom 23 Nelson

Taproom Series #23


ABV: 8.0%

Taproom 23 “Nelson” is an experiment in single dry hopping. The brewers used New Zealand grown Nelson Sauvin hops to single dry hop this Double NEIPA. They also made a slight change to the grain bill this time around. The results: a complex Double NEIPA that is bursting with white grape, gooseberry, and citrus fruit flavors. 8.0% ABV.

Taproom 24 Beer

Taproom Series #24

“Mo’ Wai-iti”

ABV: 8.0%

A Double NEIPA featuring notes of citrus and stone fruit; specifically tangerine, lemon, lime, and peach. Brewed with honey malt and dry hopped with New Zealand’s Wai-iti, Mosaic, and Germany’s Amarillo hops.

*Contains No Lactose.

Picture Days IPA


Our rotating single IPA series. The brewers use different ingredients and techniques to see make crushable DDH IPAs.
Most often hazy New England Style IPA’s, but not always!

Picture Day 13 Kerry

picture day ipa #13


ABV: 5.9%

Our brewers wanted to see the flavors they could get by dry hopping with a single superb hop – GALAXY! The result? A single DDH IPA with lots of juice, pineapple and passion fruit notes on the front end, followed by a super smooth hop bitterness that most hops can’t provide (hence Galaxy’s popularity among brewers).

Picture Day IPA #14 John

picture day ipa #14


ABV: 5.9%

A rare brew this one is. Picture Day “John” is a single NEIPA that sits at an easy drinking 5.9% ABV. It was dry hopped with New Zealand’s Riwaka and Nelson Sauvin hops. While it is hazy like a typical NEIPA, it is not overly juicy. Instead it is balanced, bright, clean, and very floral. It’s like taking a rare walk in a field of New England wild flowers.

Totes McGoates

(that means: “Totally cool!”)

Our rotating experimental beer that use lots of oats in the grain bill.
Often these beers fall outside of an existing beer style, such as Session Oat IPA, Milk Shake Beer, Creamsicle IPA, etc.
These brews are made at the whim of what the brewers think is a Totes McGoates (totally cool) beer!

Totes McGoates Superfruit microbrew

Totes McGoates


ABV: 7.0%

We used our Totes McGoates oat beer as the base, then added fruit concentrate (concentrated puree) of Blueberry, Pomegranate, Kiwi, and Cranberry. Had we put puree in this beer, we would have added over 1,000 lbs of fruit puree. To say this is a flavorful beer is an understatement, in fact, the flavors are SUPER!

Totes McGoates BBBBerry Smoothie

Totes McGoates

BBBBerry Smoothie

ABV: 7.0%

We begin with our Totes McGoates oat beer base and then add copious amounts of blackberry concentrate, blueberry puree, boysenberry puree, and raspberry puree. It smells like berry jam. It tastes like creamy, sweet, berry juice with a refreshing tartness that will have you coming bbbback for more.


A Joint Effort To Create Premium Craft Beer

GSL Juice

GSL Juice


ABV: 6.1%

Flavors of juicy citrus fruits abound in this crushable Hazy single NEIPA featuring Mosaic, Citra, and Michigan Copper hops. Brewed in collaboration with the Lanzi family restaurants: Lanzi’s on the Lake, Lakeside Tavern, Sport Island Pub, Partner’s Pub, and soon Lorenzo’s Southside.

GSL Juicier

ABV: 8.25%

Flavors of juicy citrus fruits abound in this crushable hazy JOOSEY New England Style Double IPA featuring a magnificent combination of Mosaic, Citra, and Michigan Copper hops. This has much of the original GSL Juice recipe, but the brewers amped up the ABV, plus they did a bunch of tricks to get a super creamy mouth feel and great JOOSE expression from the hops.

As in the past, this is a beautiful collaboration with the Lanzi family restaurants: Lanzi’s on the Lake, Lakeside Tavern, Sport Island Pub, Partner’s Pub, and Lorenzo’s Southside.


Candy Inspired Sours: Warheads

A wonderful collaboration between Artisanal Brew Works and Impact Confections, makers of Warheads candies.
For this sour, we used our “She’s Tert” sour base but didn’t add any lactose to enhance the pucker power.

Warheads Release_October 2020


Drafts & Cans

ABV: 5.0%

She’s Tert Sours

After a year of R&D in 2019, we’ve developed a sour base called “She’s Tert.”
This base is vary tart as the name implies, but is exceptionally clean tasting without an odd off-flavor found in many sours.
The “She’s Tert” sour base alone tastes great, but also lends itself to cuvees in making fantastic fruited sours or SIPAs (Sour IPAs).

Shes Tert With Sour Blackberry Lemon Bar 300 SO

She's Tert

With Sour Blackberry Lemon Bar

ABV: 4.0%

Imagine a Lemon Bar with some fresh blackberries on top, and a drizzle of fresh blackberry sauce. Now imagine that flavor in a sour beer. 4% ABV of crushable deliciousness.

Made with our “She’s Tert” sour base and fresh blackberry concentrate (puree with a lot less water), and a touch of organic lemon oil to meld the flavors together in a beautiful sour beer.

Shes Tert Limey Dragon beer

She's Tert with

Limey Dragon

ABV: 4.8%

This super tart sour features Key Lime concentrate and Dragon Fruit. If you’re a Key Lime, super pucker pour sour lover, this is going be your jam.

Shes Tert Regular brewery beer

She's Tert


ABV: 5.0%

Tart and crisp Granny Smith apple flavors, similar to hard cider flavors, only with a wee bit of malt flavor in the background.

Shes Tert Manganana microbrew

She's Tert with


ABV: 4.0%

blend of a “She’s Tert” (our tart sour base), with ample amounts of Mango and a touch of Banana. The banana made the body thicc, and added a tropical note that you wouldn’t know comes from the nana

Shes Tert Prickly Pink microbrew

She's Tert with

Prickly Pink

ABV: 4.0%

We cuveed our She’s Tert sour base with Prickly Pear and Pink Guava from Puree Arete in Catskill, NY. A sweet and tropical wave of flavor with a tart finish at 4% ABV. Both fruits come together like you’re on the beach wearing a Hawaiian shirt sipping an “adult” version of juice from a Dole fruit cup.

Barrel Aged Releases

The Ginger Trappist

The Ginger Trappist

A Ginger Whiskey Barrel-Aged Belgian Triple

ABV: 10.1%

For one year, we aged our Trappist at the Track Triple Belgian Ale in a Misunderstood Ginger Whiskey Barrel that we received from the guys at the Tipsy Moose Restaurants. Philosophically, this beer is the embodiment of what Artisanal Brew Works is all about; small batch, artisanal brews.

Look for this smooth sipping brew at the taproom today!
Available only on Draft at the Taproom (and we’re sorry, but we’re doing no growler fills on this one)!

Barrel Aged Toatal darkness microbrew



ABV: 6.9%

We aged our tOATal Darkness Stout in Yankee Distilling Whiskey barrels for over 5 months lends to a great balance of whiskey, oak, and roasted malts.

Fruited Beer Series

We use our White in the Glasses ingredients, but instead of putting in spices, we put in fruit puree to make a variety of tasty wheat beers.

Blackberry, Peach, Raspberry, Passion Fruit, and soon fruit puree blends are used to create very refreshing, natural fruit flavored wheat beer!

What will the brewers do this month?
See the splash page for current offerings!

Blackberry Wit beer

Blackberry WIT

ABV: 4.6%

Made with our Belgian Wit as the base beer, then seconday fermented with over 240 pounds of all natural Blackberry puree from our friends at Puree Areté (Catskill, NY). A very mild tartness, and gentle berry flavor without coming across as sweet or overpowering, compliments the wit base quite nicely. Refreshing and crushable for any weather.

Tangerine Pink Guava Wit

Tangerine and Pink Guava in the Glasses


ABV: 4.6%

Tangerine and Pink Guava in the Glasses Wit is made using our Belgian Wit base. Instead of putting in spices, we put in tangerine concentrate & pink guava fruit puree to create a refreshing, natural, fruit flavored wheat beer! At 4.6% ABV, this is the perfect light, fruity summer beer.

Throwback Series

A blast from the past


ABV: 5.0%

Light and crisp ale with muted fruity tones. Featuring 100 % grown NYS Pilsner malt and Newport hops, this German inspired Kölsch will be sure to please!